About us

In a constantly evolving world, there exists a powerful tool: software development

Our story

We are a group of enthusiasts seeking to revolutionize the world through education, with a particular focus on creating a software developer ecosystem. Our goal is to provide opportunities and tools to young people so they can transform their lives. This is especially relevant in Colombia, where there is a significant shortage of developers and high turnover of talent in the technology field.

Additionally, many developers lack personal development training, which hinders their integration into work teams. To address these issues, we have created a scholarship program for students that offers full coverage of costs and does not require any financial commitment after completing their studies.

We are looking for companies that share our vision of building a better society and are willing to take responsibility for transforming young people and their families. We firmly believe that the business ecosystem can help change the world by improving the reality of young people.

Our vision

To be a social transformation platform based on managing the talent of those whose reality obscures their greatness.

Our purpose

To create a world where young people are valuable protagonists, using software development as a tool to transform their lives.

We believe

Riwi believes that young people deserve to showcase their capabilities without being stigmatized.

Riwi believes that the current generation has the greatest potential to assist companies in their digital and technological transformation.


We are the only training center in Antioquia that offers full forgivable scholarships. Our training is in-person, and we specialize in graduating highly competitive software developers. Our focus is on providing comprehensive and hands-on education to equip our students with the necessary skills to excel in the industry.

We train the best software developers in the city.

We build society, a better country and give opportunities to young talents.

We understand our customer’s needs.

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